Sink Storage and Other Happy Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make me sublimely happy. Like veggies which finally begin to ripen at the beginning of September.

Or figuring out where to keep lunchboxes after four years of school. It didn’t work keeping them in cubbies because kids would forget to empty them. Which led to a traumatic episode after a week of Spring Break that I do not care to relive. And then Toni at A Bowlful of Lemons suggested I store them on Command Hooks under the sink

which I did.

So we can empty their contents right in the sink and put them away. Then I found a small metal rack at a thrift store

and filled it with the sponges and drain stoppers that are always falling off the rim of the sink and hitting me on the hand.

Mmmmm. So happy.

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  1. I’m popping over from BFOL too. I keep my kids’ lunchboxes on command hooks just inside my pantry. I’m getting “hooked” on those hooks, too. Great idea to hang the metal rack from them. Looks great!

  2. Great idea! I always forget how useful those hooks are!

    Take Care,

  3. stopping by from bowl full of lemons, looks great! :)

  4. I like your hanging organizer idea for sponges.
    I hate having sponges clutter up my sink.

    I use a small shoe hanging organizer thing to hold my sponges. I also used a command hook to hang it inside of my door cabinet.

    Organizing on a Budget

  5. Love your idea of hanging the lunch boxes on the door. Thanks for sharing.

    Fruity Lemonade

  6. A great idea – I have the hooks, I have a metal rack but had never mentally connected the two.

    Thank you! x

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