About Me

About Me -- all about the Peace but Not Quiet blog.

Peace but Not Quiet is a blog about families. Teaching them, entertaining them, feeding them, making them run. It’s written by me, Laura — I live with my husband, Chris, and four kids in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.

My main goal is to inspire, encourage, and sometimes commiserate with other parents as they raise their children. I share kids’ activities, recipes, knitting patterns, and other ideas for around the house (and outdoors. We love being outdoors. Actually, I love everyone being outdoors because then they’re not destroying the house.) We love Colorado and all of its outdoorsy, mountainy things to do. And we’re really good at road trips.

About Me -- all about the Peace but Not Quiet blog.

We are two communication majors with four loud and verbal children. We don’t do quiet well. Or often. If you sleep over, you face the very real danger of waking up to one of us yelling, “Mornin’, Sleeping Beauty!!” Or singing. There could be dancing.

Sometimes my house is messy. Sometimes I yell at people. I’m always grumpy before coffee and my day isn’t over until I’ve worried at least once that I’m screwing everything up.

Welcome to my blog.

About Me -- all about the Peace but Not Quiet blog.



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