Mickey’s Magical Math World and Imagicademy

Mickeys Magical Math World

We just got back from a long trip.

This one was actually our first plane trip as a family of six. Usually we drive. We’ll drive around 2,000 miles or so for our summer vacation. I’ve written before about our tips and tricks for road tripsand I discovered that most of them hold up for airplane travel as well. But either way — I’m always on the lookout for good iPad apps and games to keep our kids occupied. We also use our iPad at home, and I’ve found some great educational apps for us.

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So I was super-excited to see that Disney has a new math app – Mickey’s Magical Math World. We already love Disney. Now they’re making math fun. Right on!

The app is geared for preschoolers and has games involving recognizing numbers, basic counting, shapes, sorting, and recognizing patterns.

April playing

It’s a huge hit around here. My preschooler enjoyed it, and it’s right on target for her age. She was engrossed in the games, and would yell the answers out as she was playing (which is funny, when you’re not playing the game. To be standing in the kitchen and just hear, “Five! Circle! YESSS!!”) And Disney — as they always do — managed to make their space aliens and spaceships and other characters come to life in that personable, friendly way that makes kids love them every time.

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I think she had the most fun with a game that used shapes to build a rocketship, though she also enjoyed the sorting games and a space alien game that matched up shapes as well.

screen shot 1

And here’s the cool part — there’s a Disney Imagicademy Parents app as well. Parents can see their children’s progress in Mickey’s Magical Math World, give their kids a virtual high five, and even share kids’ progress with family and friends. And Imagicademy Parents also has articles and posts on activities to do with your kids, parenting advice, and other resources to help you spark creativity, imagination, and learning.


Although the app is for children 5 and under, my seven-year old had fun playing it as well. Both the Mickey’s Magical Math World and Disney Imagicademy Parents apps are free, though Mickey’s Magical Math World does have some in-app purchases available. You can find them both on the Disney Imagicademy website — and then take a look around the site as well. Lots of good stuff available for you as a parent!

So there you have it. A fun way to help kids learn that also develops their curiosity and creativity. Win!

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