Easy Knitting Patterns — Popcorn Baby Blanket

easy knitting patterns

I do love knitting baby blankets. They’re generally easy knitting patterns, but it’s fun to watch them develop as you knit up the blanket. And you don’t have to worry much about them fitting.

I actually began this one without a baby to knit it for. Certainly, there are none around here, nor will there be (ahem). But babies almost always show up somewhere, and if you have a present all knit up and ready for them beforehand, so much the better.

easy knitting patterns

This is a simple stitch, repeated over and over, but I like the way it looks…kind of like popcorn. It’s a great beginner blanket, because once you’ve figured out the main stitch — that’s it. Just keep doing that.

easy knitting patterns

And winter — winter is the time for knitting. It’s hard, in the summer, to sit with piles of wool and other yarn on your lap, and it’s hard to envision anyone wanting to actually wear or snuggle under those piles, once they’ve become sweaters and hats and blankets and things. But winter? Winter is the time to sit by a fire, with a cup of coffee (or hot rum or eggnog. Whatever suits your fancy), and a nice, big heap of yarn and get to work.

easy knitting patterns

I made a nice, wide border on this because the pattern is simple and I thought it would add a little more interest. I’m liking wide borders right now — as edges on sweaters, and as brims on hats, and on blankets. Thin is out, I say!

The easy knitting pattern is here for the popcorn blanket. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or on ravelry! I’d love to know how this turns out for you.

easy knitting patterns

And now, to find a baby to give this to…because if I don’t, I begin harassing siblings and cousins to go have some more of them. Surely a new blanket is as good a reason as any to have a baby? No?

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Update: A lot of you were having trouble figuring out how to do the popcorn stitch and were losing stitches in the process. I made the following video to demonstrate it. I hope it’s helpful!



  1. Lyn Carroll says:

    For rows 1-4 when making the pipcorn stitch you use the right side for row 1 and the wring side for row 2. Do you use rhe right side for 3 and the wrong side for 3?

    • The right side would be row 3 and the wrong side will be row 4. The purling will always be on the RS and the stitches will be on the wrong side. I also added a video above — I hope it helps!

  2. How much yarn will I need to make this pattern?? My sister is having a baby and I am excited to get started ASAP!

  3. Same problem as noted by other comments, there doesn’t seem to be any instructions to add stitches so the blanket is reducing at an alarming rate. Has anyone found how to correct this?

  4. I love this blanket and am so excited to make it! However I am having trouble. The pattern is decreasing dramatically with every p3tog. Help! I really want to make this blanket. What am i missing?

  5. thanks for the pattern,and the beautiful blog.

  6. I am a little confused…where is says kpk all in the same stitch. Do I knit one, pearl one, knit one…or something different. I some how started with 152 stitches and 8 rows in I have lost over half of them! I think I am misunderstanding some where! Please help!

    • This blanket has me totally confused. The pattern is not working out. P3tog is a decrease stitch. Where do we add the stitches back? PLEASE help a fellow knitter out.

  7. This is beautiful! My nephew & his wife are expecting a boy, so hopefully I can make one for them!

  8. Pat O'Brien says:

    Love the Popcorn Baby blanket, but I need clarification. Instructions say, knit rows 1-15; then goes on to give specific (and totally different) instructions for rows: 11, 12, 13 and 14. Can you explain to me?


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