Jord Watches, Fall Fashion, and A House Divided

I was given a free product from JORD  for review purposes. All opinions expressed below are my own.


My husband and I are in the midst of a small civil war.

Don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. It just never occurred to me when I got a lovely men’s watch from JORD that he, a man, might want it. He’s not a Watch Guy. The last watch he wore was 12 years ago and I’m pretty sure only then because I gave it to him and he was being nice.

So this one came and when I wasn’t looking, he put it on and really liked it and didn’t want to give it back and when I asked if it looked too big on me, he recused himself and refused to answer.


I’m holding tight to it now, but at least I finally have some gift ideas for a man who’s ridiculously hard to buy for.

I think the reason it suits both of us so well is that we’re rather outdoorsy people. We like getting the kids outside to hike and bike and explore the mountains near us. Even now, as I look around our house, there are lots of natural elements — leaves on lamps, wood furniture, twig pumpkins. Wood watches just suit us, you know?


And, due to the nature of wood, each watch is going to be different. Unique presents from companies based in the US, using sustainable materials from around the world — my favorite.

I chose the Sully Black & MapleIt’s a large watch. I’m not exactly a delicate flower, and I tend towards larger, chunkier jewelry in general. I think this one fits me well, For more petite women, I’d try the Fieldcrest or the Cora in zebrawood and turquiose (which is lovely. If my husband were to buy me this watch, I might be inclined to give him the other one. I’m jussayin’.)


Here’s the thing with asking moms to model things on their hands and wrists — they’re always full. And rarely motionless.



This poor waif with the half-painted pink nails just lost a balloon. She has since recovered.

I like the price point of the watches as well — enough that it’s a special gift for Christmas or birthdays or graduation, but not so prohibitive that I’d be scared to take it out and use it every day.

The watch is holding up well during everyday life around here — they are not waterproof (they’re wood, after all), but they are splashproof. I’ve kept mine on while washing hands, but I’d take it off for dishes or…you know…scuba-diving or something.

And now, the best part — we’re giving away a gift certificate for one!

Beginning next week, I’m teaming up with over 40 other bloggers for a big kickoff to the holiday season with festive posts on all things celebrate-y and a giveaway  with $1,800 worth of prizes (including a gift certificate to Jord). Check back Monday to read everyone’s holiday ideas and get details to enter the giveaway.



See you Monday!


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