Family Dinner.

family dinner When the kids were little, it was easy to eat dinner together. But as they’re getting older, they now have scout meetings, and piano lessons, and choir practice, and all sorts of other things creeping into what used to be our family time. I try to make sure we don’t miss more than one or two nights a week of sitting down together, eating…talking…shrieking at the kids to stop using their hands like cavepersons. It’s beautiful.

A Fine Parent is doing a series now on healthy families and focusing on mealtimes together. They’ve got some good family dinner ideas. Also, check out my dinner Pinterest board for tasty, easy meals.

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Also, I’d like to point something out. My husband works at 3am. I used to work weird hours, too. Everyone always talks about Family Dinners, but there’s nothing magical about the dinner itself. If it works better for your family to have lunch, or breakfast together, do that. The point is, there’s something about bonding while sharing a meal, whatever time of day your family does it.

Do you eat meals as a family? Any tips to make meal prep any easier? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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