One Simple Trick for Cleaning Anything


I live in a house with a lot of stairs. I’m not complaining about this…the day I complain that my house is so big it needs stairs to get to all the parts of it is the day you get to kick me in the shins for being a spoiled bratty brat. I’m just telling you this so you’ll understand how my cleaning routine wasn’t working for me.

So. Lots of stairs. And at the same time, lots of space in the basement for storing stuff.


Lots of lovely cabinets everywhere with lots of room for keeping things like extra paper towels and toilet paper and cleaning supplies. The problem was that every time I cleaned, I had to go to the basement, round up what I needed, then head upstairs to tackle all the cleaning. And I just wasn’t doing it.

I needed to set things up to work for us. So I made one small change. I put all the cleaning supplies in the areas where we actually use them.

under sink

Sink cleaning things under the kitchen sink. Bathroom cleaning things in the bathrooms. I now keep a window/mirror cleaner under every bathroom sink, along with cleaning rags and extra garbage bags. And I clean as I go. I take a minute in the morning after everyone’s brushed teeth to wipe down the mirrors. Or I clean the sink while the kids are taking their bath. I empty the trash as I leave the bathroom.

This one little change has made me more likely to keep things clean, because I don’t have to go track down everything I need beforehand. It’s all right there and I can have a pretty clean bathroom in less than five minutes.

If you’re going to do this with small children in the house, don’t forget to store the cleaning supplies where they can’t get them — in a childproof cabinet, or an area they can’t reach.

I do still set aside time to mop and clean spaces more thoroughly. But by keeping supplies where they’re used, I’m able to keep things cleaner in between those Big Cleaning Days.

And you? Do you have any tips for making cleaning up any easier? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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